Where information, inspiration and action create glorious transformation.

Do you often struggle with feeling uninspired, unmotivated, confused, overwhelmed?

Are you stuck in hindering habits, expired relationships, clutter, excess weight or debt, in your career or in mid life? Not moving backward but not forward either.

Do your days feel mundane, your surroundings second class, your calendar routine, your mind stuck?

I’ve been there.

Overweight, under a mound of excess, fighting depression, feeling discouraged and stagnant in a season that had turned into a cycle on repeat year after year.

Two experiences changed my life.

The first happened at a women’s retreat. The second in a busy airport.

One paved the way to freedom, the other to first class.

Those experiences gave me permission and power to upgrade to a woman who first class and live a life that is high quality.

And you can too, step by step.

Living Life First Class teaches you how to trade “economy, poor quality, bargain bin” thinking, speaking, believing and existing for luxury, exquisite, healthy and abundant living.

Being “first class” life begins with desire and discipline, reflection and clarification.

When you look within you and around you, do you like what you see?

How would you define the words “first class“? Affluent, quality, for a select few, freedom, space, classic, elegant, confidence, etc?

When you envision a woman who lives your version of “first class”, how is she dressed? What thoughts is she thinking?

What is the state of her health, wealth, surroundings & self worth? Where does she live, travel and work?

How does she engage with others, herself and her God? What are her goals, her yearly income, her life plan?

Clarification plus intention followed by a clearly crafted vision will lead straight to your desired destination. Every. Single. Time.

Living Life First Class consists of 6 Boutiques + 1 Bonus Boutique

Living Life First Class is not a one-size-fits-all course.

It is your customized passport to freedom, breakthrough and first class, however you define it.

The School of Chic is committed to providing you the tools, skills, beliefs and faith based principles to set you free from stagnation and set you up for success.