The Chic Creative Luxe Services

Master Mentorship™

Sometimes a simple mindset reset is all you need to pivot your possibilities and create massive shifts in and around you.

Refining your life begins with defining “normal” – that which you deem acceptable, ok and will tolerate.

Clarifying normal is how you stop settling or living your life based on your past, the opinions of others, outdated beliefs, should’s or ought to’s.

The Master Mentorship teaches you how to redefine normal then redesign your vision for your present and future.

The Chic Creative Master Mentorship consists of a total of Eight mentoring sessions and includes:

  • Bonus Initial Call & Final Closing Call
  • Six weekly 1:1 60 Minute Virtual Sessions
  • All worksheets and study materials
  • Customized Schedule to Accommodate Your Calendar
  • 24/7 Email Support & Encouragement