Your self worth is shaping your life. Allowing your past or others to determine your worth is surrendering your power, peace and purpose.

Are you

Tired of feeling uninspired or never enough?

Sick of settling for second class and status quo?

Ready to break free from feeling stuck and stagnant?

Long for a stylish, peaceful, elegant life?

Over people pleasing and postponing your dream?

The solution is simple. Upgrading your self worth is how you upgrade your life!

The First Class woman knows her value and lives from it. Her self worth is reflected in her mindset, health, wealth and surroundings.

She thinks, speaks, dresses, eats, spends, engages others and lives each day by the value she believes she holds.

However you define the “First Class” woman, becoming her begins with elevating your self worth.

Your self worth invites success or stagnation, abundance or scarcity.

The First Class life is the product of First Class self worth!

Living Life First Class is the TCC faith based Signature Course that teaches you how to leave second class thinking and settling behind and begin intentionally creating your own extraordinary First Class life.

Ultimately it’s your decision.

The School of Chic is an online learning boutique providing you the tools, skills, beliefs and principles that will set you free from stagnation and set you up for success.

Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing;” Isa 43:18